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Logistic Services

China to U.S - freight forwarding

Different sellers have different needs: Whether you plan on a full container load from one supplier, or you looking to consolidate goods from several suppliers (located at different cities in China) into one container or you plan on a small load only, less than a full container (LCL), we can help! Sellers with small loads looking to save over LCL rates are welcome to consolidate their goods with other shippers to enjoy with Full container (FCL) rates.

Logistic Services

Never pay LCL rates!

Sellers with small loads using Ship my Deal’s China to US freight service enjoy with the most competitive FCL rate in the market, although they ship just few cbm’s. Consolidated containers are transported to Ship my Deal warehouse for collective unloading.

Logistic Services

Air freight- from anywhere to everywhere

Ship my deal provides it sellers with China to U.S, EU to U.S, U.S to E.U and from U.S to the rest of the world with the most competitive air parcel /freight cargo rates. Sellers with up 150-200 kg of goods are welcome to use air freight and to save on per KG rate, and enjoy with express delivery.

Logistic Services

U.S to Canada custom brokerage service

Sellers that use Ship my Deal storage/Fulfillment center and looking to ship goods to Amazon’s Canada are welcome to use our low cost freight service and get their good custom cleared by our affiliated broker agency.

Logistic Services

Cargo Unloading

Cargo content will be unloaded palletized and stored per seller to be prepared for the next step. We unload any cargo size, 20’, 40’, 53’ no matter how many SKUs inside, content size or weight.

Logistic Services


Cargo content will be palletized based on the next step requirements. If cargo content needs to be ship forward, entirely or partial, we will set up pallets accordingly. Content that need to be shipped forward will be counted, sorted, barcodes and label (SKU/UPC) if needed, and palletized at the most efficient way under Amazon/other rules. Content that is needed to be set aside for future pull outs, will be palletized and shelved

Logistic Services


Short or long term storage is available for sellers who prefer to use Ship My Deal storage facility to save money over Amazon storage fees. Storage also can be used for returned products that need to be stored for future sales and might need work such as repacking/labeling/bundling/inspection etc. sellers that wish to use Ship My Deal’s fulfillment center, can use short term facility storage

Logistic Services


We provide our sellers with the most affordable nationwide and Canada shipping rates via our partners and in house tracking service (limited to 26’ trailer). If you decide to use your own freight carrier through Amazon/other, just provide us with Bill of Lading, we will take care for the rest.

Our shipping method includes: Truckload / LTL / UPS /Fedex Ground, USPS first/priority, DHL, and in house LTL to Amazon warehouse in Moreno Valley.

Logistic Services

Bar Coding

UPC barcodes/SKU Labeling Affixing – we provide UPC barcodes and SKU labeling service as needed. If your items packed overseas without barcodes, just provide us with UPC soft file and we will print and stick on each items. If boxes need FBA SKU label prior to shipping to Amazon, just upload your SKU label to your seller account, and we will stick them on each box

Logistic Services

Handling Returns

In many cases a returned product can be resell.

To make sure the product meets the standard and can be resell as new item we will examine the product inside out for damages

Some returned items needs minor fixes such as reorganizing the item parts inside, parts counting, cleaning, package fixing.

We will perform those acts based on seller advice. Seller will be advice if item is not suitable for resell.

Logistic Services

Product Inspection

Whether you need inspection on randomly imported items after cargo is unloaded and before ship the products forward to Amazon/other, or you have unusual number of returns from a specific product that needs special attention before shipping to Amazon/customers. Whatever the reason is, we will examine the product for functionality, and will advise you about the steps needed to be takes to normalize the products to avoid future sales issues

Logistic Services

Hands On' Work

Any type of work your product needs to meet Amazon rules in order to minimize customers return

- Downsizing product package
- Replacing product bags
- Adding safety material inside the product
- Ventilating product to remove bad odor
- Replacing a defect part inside the product
- Re-packaging
- Product Cleaning

Logistic Services

Sales Order Fulfillment

Sellers who choose to execute their sales through Ship My Deal fulfillment center enjoy low storage cost combined with fast execution and low shipping cost. Give your 100% attention on marketing, we will do the rest!.

Logistic Services
Products Bundling

For any reason the bundling is needed: Marketing purpose or manufacturing assembly, just ship us the parts that need to be bundled with any specific instructions if needed.

Logistic Services

Flyer Inserts

For any reason the cards need to inserted: promotion card/hazardous card/mailing back card/instructions flyer/warranty card/other. Just ship us the cards/flyers that need to inserted.

Unlimited customization possibilities
Added Value Services For Sellers

Sales Care Service

You opened a store or SHOPIFY store designed primarily for the US market, you sell on Amazon but do not want to use FBA services, or you have products to sell on eBay?

How It Works

USA Address

USA Address will position your business as a USA business. This will show your buyers that you are located in the US (there are buyers that prefer to purchase local products.)

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USA Phone Number

USA number is also part of the branding of your business as a US based business. The system we use has many capabilities including routing calls based on classes, music on hold etc..

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