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Online buyer or seller, with ship my deal you’re in good hands!

Ship My Deal is a logistic warehouse that provides online buyers and sellers individual and businesses with logistic solutions such as nationwide and international shipping, storage, cargo unloading, repackaging, labeling, orders fulfillment, and more. Online sellers and buyers from all around the world relay on Ship My Deal to fulfill their logistic needs, small or big alike!

Promise to be available to you in any way possible by email, phone or chat at our web site.

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Why Choose Ship My Deal?
To shop anywhere has never been made so EASY.
Reduced Shipping Fees

International shipping can get expensive, but our global buying power offers.competitive pricing. And with repacking and package consolidation, we reduce your overall shipping cost whether it's a small or large package.

Shopping Assistance

Whether you need help buying an item or processing a return, we’re here to make sure you get what you want and return what you don’t as easily as possible. We are available 24/7 via phone, email and Live Chat.

24/7 Support

Ship My deal is here to ensure your order has arrived at our warehouse and to provide you with services to reduce the cost of shipping to anywhere you want us to send the package.

EASY Delivery

We’ve partnered with the USPS to bring you the most reliable, stress-free shipping. And with affordable shipment value protection, your orders are covered from loss or damage during transit.

Some other reasons to work together

Shipping, buying for you and more services for.competitive prices


Information about great deals and promotions directly to your email


Customer service available for any question either by email or chat


Doing the maximum for you to receive minimum cost for shipping