Important Things To Know

General Information


The customer is responsible for additional charges to customs duties or VAT that might be applied to the package. We are unable to charge you this in advance since we have no way to transfer the payment to the tax authorities in your country. To anticipate additional charges, please check the customs and VAT information of your country to avoid unpleasant and unexpected additional costs.

If the customer refuse to accept the package and the package comes back to us, the customer will have to bear the cost of shipping the package to him and returning to the United States.

When you purchase from “Our Store” you will be charged also for shipping, but if you have purchased from other sites or through “Buying for you” service, we will have to wait until the products arrive in our warehouse to calculate the exact shipping cost. Some companies send the products in a very large package and some do not specify the weight of the product, so it is difficult to assess in advance the cost of shipping the package.

There are web sites that send directly to your country. Their shipping cost is based on weight and volume and is estimated with enough margin for safety, bringing the rate of shipping to a much higher than what it should be. We prefer to wait for products, pack them safely and only then check the cost of shipping the package to you.

Most USA websites that ship to your country does not have a business interest in foreign consumers so you won’t receive any special treatment or discounted prices in relation to the USA market, the foreign market is very small and not so attractive


A product that you purchased at “Our Store” can be returned only if it was not opened or being used. The customer bears the cost of shipping back to the USA to our warehouse. If the customer wish to return a product he needs to get approval within 7 days of receipt of the package, otherwise the return will not be approved. Once the returned product has reached us, we can refund the customer the cost of purchase, only if the product is in brand new – original packaging, never opened and never used.

If the customer wants to return goods purchased through other web sites, he must return the product directly to the store it was purchased from. Check the policies on returns before returning the products. There are companies that will not receive the product if it’s been more than 30 days from purchase date or do not accept returns at all. In most companies the customer will be asked to fill in details about the return to approve the refund. In case you are about to receive a replacement for the return product, let us know same as regular shipping.